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Submitting Your Exam

Follow the steps below and then click here to take the examination.

Step 1: Click on the course name button of the course that you purchased.
Step 2: Then complete the contact information form.
Step 3: Take the examination.

Special Notes

• There is no time limit to take the exam.

After we receive your completed exam you will receive your continuing education certificate as a PDF by email within 2 business days.
--- Important - Please check your “junk or spam” email for the your Continuing Education Certificate if you have not received it within 2 business days.
--- Be sure to allow our email address ( in your mail user permissions so that you can receive your Continuing Education Certificate by email.

• Again please check your “junk or spam” email for the your Continuing Education Certificate if you have not received it within 2 business days.

• We apologize for any inconvenience in advance if there is a transfer problem from paper to the online exam. We understand there may have been a transferring of answers from paper to the online exam and inadvertently we may place a different letter in the provided space. You will be notified by email if this should happen.

• If possible when you receive our email with your Continuing Education Certificate, can you send an email to confirm receipt of the included Continuing Education Certificate.

• If you have any questions or trouble receiving your Continuing Education Certificate please feel free to call GMP Fitness at 1-888-467-3488 or you can email us at

• If you have any questions how many CECs/CEUs you can earn for the course you completed please visit the specific course page for an updated list of professional associations that have approved that course for continuing education credits.


Receiving Your Continuing Education Certificate ... What others say.

"Thank you so much. I was surprised of how quick you responded. I appreciate the convenience of doing this at home. I will surely continue studying this way in the future. Thanks for your excellent service." - Blanca Lilis Deal

" I love GMP fitness. The process was easy to make sure I was getting what I needed to earn my CEU credits." - Sara Jo Wurm

" Wow! I'm impressed with the turn around time!  Thanks." - Priscilla Allen

"I am very excited about the quickness of receiving this course. The detail of the materials has motivated me to order and complete more of the courses to obtain more information in better detail. Thank you very much and I look forward to my next course.” - Shaneen N. Johnson 

“The whole test and exam process was extremely educational and easy to use. Great resources to have in my training arsenal.” - Arturo Espitia

"Thanks for handling my paperwork so efficiently!" - Debbie Harmon

"I love the fact that I can take the exam online & receive my CECs quickly!" - Karen Rokosh

"Thank you so much! I love the quick response from your company to receive my certificates. That is why I choose your company quite often. Keep up the great work!" - Robin Stodden

"Your process is very organized and I look forward to continuing our CE purchasing from your business." - Anthony Pittarelli

"Thank you for returning my results so quickly. I really appreciate it. I also appreciate the fast delivery of the course material and your promptness in exam results and CE credits." - Barb Johnson

"Thank you very much! Excellent Customer Service!!! I really did appreciate your speedy service!" - Maureen Ann Eckersley

“Thank you for being so quick with my results! I received my CECs and really appreciate your promptness! Will definitely use you again!” - Susan LaPorte

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