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Personal Trainer Education Course - Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist


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Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist

Triathlete training requires an incredibly intense regimen. The challenge: to harmoniously employ many bones, muscles and connective tissues. Enhance your client’s workout with training techniques for pain-free, triathlete training.

The course will assist you to help clients feel confident in their ability to start participating in triathlons and feel more competent in how to approach, prepare for and perform in triathlons.

Elevate Your Business ... The Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist will help you expand your marketability to individuals who want to compete in triathlons.

Level and Hours

Intermediate and 10 Hours to complete.

Fitness Tools
Stability Ball, Resistance Bands, Medicine Balls, Foam Rollers, Balance Discs.

Course Kit
• 260 Page Book.
• Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist CD. This includes the following:
-- Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist Content sectioned into PDF files for easy viewing.
-- Client and trainer conditioning charts. These can be printed as needed.
• Online Exam Instructions are included in the package.

Course Price
$159 (plus s + h)

GMP Fitness Course Brochure

Triathlon Injury Prevention Objectives

• Gain a basic understanding of joint movement.
• Understand the science of fitness and nutrition associated with a triathlon.
• Learn proper training for triathlon cycling, swimming and running.
• Discover why the lower back muscles can be the source of triathlete ailments
ranging from sciatica to hip pain or burning pain in lower extremities.
• Recognize the nutrition needs of triathletes.
• Review an athletes history and goals.
• Explain in detail what to do according to your current fitness level and according to the triathlon's distance.
• Teach clients to train for endurance, train specifically and rest and recover sufficiently.
• Get information about staying healthy, preparing for the race, what to expect on race day.
• Find out about swim training and technique.
• Obtain information about 8 rules that are established principles and proven methods.
• Acquire advice on nutrition, training, equipment, how to transition and more.
• Learn examples of different training techniques and drills.
• Discover the answer on why orthotics can enhance performance and efficiency.
• Learn how proper exercise can help prevent injury.
• Respect the importance of heart rate monitoring.
• Provide the triathlete with hydration suggestions.

GMP Fitness Course Brochure

Triathlon Injury Prevention Certificate Options
On completion of the Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist you have the option to purchase a Speciality Certificate of Completion (coming soon).

To receive an email when Speciality Certificates of Completion are ready for purchase click here>
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Triathlon Injury Prevention Reviews

"Great course. Also learned a lot about trigger points.” - Stephanie Corey-Patterson       

"As a coach for a local triathlon, I found the material to be “spot on.” For anyone looking to train/coach any triathlete this is a great course.” - Gena Alvarez       

Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist
GMP Fitness Course Brochure

Qualifications to take the CE Course & Online Exam Details

You must be at least 18 years of age. We also strongly recommend a personal trainer certification and a current certification in CPR.

Instructions are included in the package. There are 36 questions. A passing score is 28 questions correct. Currently a PDF of your Continuing Education Certificate will be emailed to you.

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GMP Fitness CE Course Brochure

Personal Trainer Education is the health professional's resource for fitness and wellness specialty education programs. We offer fitness continuing education opportunities through home study courses. The GMP Fitness educational courses offer valuable content and learning opportunities. Click on the image to the left to download the GMP Fitness CE Course Brochure.

Exercise Development Specialist
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Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist Approved CECs/CEUs
For Personal Trainer Certification


American Council on Exercise


American College on Sports Medicine 10.00
American Fitness Professionals Association 10.00
The Cooper Institute 10.00
International Sports Sciences Association 10.00
National Association for Fitness Certification 1.00
National Academy of Sports Medicine 1.00
National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association 1.00*
National Exercise Trainers Association 10.00
National Strength Professionals Association 10.00
National Federation of Professional Trainers 1.50
Professional Fitness Instructor Training 10.00
American Senior Fitness Association 1.00
World Instructor Training Schools 10.00

* Note: NESTA credits, however a CEU Petition Form will need to be filled out and there may be a small fee.
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Fitness Education Programs Reviews

"Thank you for your commitment to quality! The courses I have taken from GMP have always been good sources of information and professionally sound." - Roberta Best

"Thank you so much. I was surprised of how quick you responded. I appreciate the convenience of doing this at home. I will surely continue studying this way in the future. Thanks for your excellent service." - Blanca Lilis Deal

"Thank you so much. I was surprised of how quick you responded. I appreciate the convenience of doing this at home. I will surely continue studying this way in the future. Thanks for your excellent service." - Sara Jo Wurm

Positive Feedback. More fitness education program reviews ... what others say.

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