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Posture Analysis Specialist Most Recent Reviews

“I have learned how to pay close attention to a client's posture very carefully before deciding what kind of exercises I will have them do. I will be able to pick specific stability ball exercises that will help my client improve their body structure and correct their body postures. It was a very informative and well done course with plenty of good information on posture and stability ball exercises.” - John Mosca

“More awareness of the importance of good posture in exercise programming.” - Paul O’Brien

“Better understanding of posture and corrective exercise. Work with individual clients to assess posture, talk to them about corrective exercise and performing exercises with them to help them gain a better understanding.” - Beth Shumaker

“This was a very well disciplined course. It now gives me additional knowledge that I can overlap with other assessing skills that I have to use when screening current and new clients. Thank you for the course.” - Patrick Byrne

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