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Longevity Wellness Specialist Most Recent Reviews

"Nuts & Bolts" knowledge of the aging process. How to help myself, as well as clients. This course will enhance empathy and patience toward clients, increased understanding of their population's special needs and restrictions. I'd like to share this info with co-workers. I work at the YMCA and it would be great for all the staff to have this knowledge. It will foster care, understanding, and concern for our older members.” - Pamela Vanoteghem

“Many details on proper healthy living, lifestyle changes which I will use personal as I move forward. Provide facts and information on ways to help people fight disease....!!!!!” - Shelly Kadilak

“Broader understanding of the aging process. Help guide clients to understanding aging processes and possible supplements to make the process easier.” - Daryl Ogden

“I learned valuable information about many supplements. I will have more information to share with clients.” - Jennifer Jorgensen

“A working knowledge of hormone replacement and anti aging. I work with many Senior Citizens in mental health, and am a Wellness Specialist responsible for educating them. Very thorough.” - Karen L. Cox

“Extra knowledge on how to service my clients. Hold workshops on nutrition and aging. Apply fitness knowledge to my fitness classes. This course was a refreshers course for me.” - Michele Ramsey

“A lot of ideas for my elderly clients and also for my younger clients as a preventative. Everyday clients have questions about supplements and exercises. It was very different, not your typical nutrition/exercise course.” - Brenda Orleski

“Great knowledge of supplements, hormone therapies and other longevity methods. I now feel confident to take on an instruct older clients. Great course, thanks!” - Jessica Macasso

“A better understanding of the aging process, the break down of the systems and how we do have control in slowing it down :) As a personal trainer and Integrative health coach this course has giving me more ideas/knowledge to create specialized group programs and workshops.” - Sandy Santucci

“I am training more and more middle age/elderly clients, and this material and information was very helpful to me in addressing issues my clients have. I feel more confident in giving information to my clients about nutrition and how to add years to their lives.” - Gretchen Kennedy

“To be “Well” requires education and commitment for using the most “nourishing” plan that will benefit your body and mind! This will be a very good resource to help educate and guide my clients towards wellness.” - Angela Lowrey

“A deeper knowledge and understanding of the many products out there. Leaning the deficiency symptoms has been incredibly helpful when working with my residents.”- Kristin McCoach

“New exercises, lots of great information on supplements, inspiration to live healthy. This course offers so much valuable and detailed information. I will also keep the materials as a reference for many future uses and to share info with clients.” - Dana Casper

“A new interest in hormone replacement therapies. A renewed dedication to nutrition. Improve my own diet and supplements. Stress posture to clients.” - Kassidy W. Vuyovich

“How to live a longer, happier, and healthier life all the while sharing the tips and tricks necessary to do so with clients. Make the necessary changes in both my lifestyle as well as supplement program. Great course! - Brad Kolowich Jr

“The importance of aging well and how to help others in doing so. I will apply it daily at the YMCA. I meet with new members and give them health and fitness suggestions for life. I feel very well educated due to this course.” - Michael Enright

“Refresher on some info, new information on much about Vitamins, Supplements, etc. It will inform my programming and support I can provide to clients.” - Katharine C O'Callaghan

"Great Course! Very beneficial knowledge! I will apply to working with seniors and what they need to keep healthy as well as my own life." - Katie Parr

"Greater knowledge of nutraceuticals and how they can aid in the anti-aging process. I will feel more confident when providing information regarding diet and nutritional supplementation that will help my clients reach their goals." - Denise Pruitt

"A great resource to revisit time and time again. See something new every time I pick up the book. Very interesting and motivating to share the books contents with others." - Joyce Schwing 

"This course has provide in-depth knowledge on the impact of vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanical supplements, exercise and others on health, fitness and wellness into the later years." - Thomas Ehle

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