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Knee Injury Prevention Specialist


“I am very satisfied with the course. Thanks! I lead a lot of hikes here in California and a lot of my hikers experience knee pain. After reading the material, I understand more clearly how the knee functions. The information was very clear. I will use it also in weight training and encourage my clients how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for keeping our knees in good condition and to protect them and keep the muscles strong.” - Barbara Wright


"I enjoyed the reading material. It was informative and clearly written. Clear, honest and excellent advice." - Stephanie King


"I have acquired greater knowledge of Knee injuries and how to prevent them." - Theresa Meyer


"I have acquired a better understanding of knee mechanics and risks for injury from this continuing education course." - ZoeAnna Yearout


"I have quite a few people with knee pain and this course will help me come up with better exercise programs that fit their situation." - Amy J. Belvo


“This course will help a lot with clients that may have knee pain or problems." - Shawn Guiney


"I have gained lots of good info for my senior exercise class and me personally as I am also suffering with knee pain. I will use the exercises for strength and flexibility." - Sandy Blunt


"I found the course interesting and useful. I gained knowledge on helping every client with tips on how to ease, prevent, and go about treating knee pain." - Richard Dworzanski


“This course was very helpful. I enjoyed it a lot. The information in this course applies to everyone and for all age groups.” - Rita Dickinson


“I have gained knowledge that will help me to train my clients that have knee issues. The exercises on the CD are informational and explained well. I learned about many different aspects of knee trauma and disease. The book and CD are interesting, easy to follow and great references to have on hand." - Laura Manley


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