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Knee Injury Prevention Specialist


"I loved this course. A new way of looking at exercise for the knee." - Vance Roberson


"I now have a better understanding of knee injuries. I will use the exercise to help strengthen the muscles around the knee to prevent injury in all sports and exercise programs.” - Donna Dorr Osborne


"I gained more understanding about knee injuries and I can use this information with clients with knee injuries.” - Robert Walters


"I have gained new information to share and I will suggest this course to many of my friends. Very interesting and well written.” - Carol Groseclose


"I have gained a more in depth understanding of different types of knee injuries, the anatomy, and prevention of knee injuries.: - Christine Greenwood


"It was good information. I didn't have very much knowledge about the knee and how easily it can be damage especially if you're over 50 years of age." - Felipita Loretto 


"I am more knowledgeable of sports related injuries that pertain to the knee. I have a better understanding of the anatomy of the knee and how it works." - Cheryl Adelglass


“I really liked the CD of knowledge offered. The schedule will be something I add to my client informational packet.” - Mary Beth DeVaney

“I have gained knowledge that will help me to train my clients that have knee issues. The exercises on the CD are informational and explained well. I learned about many different aspects of knee trauma and disease. The book and CD are interesting, easy to follow and great references to have on hand." - Laura Manley


“The course enlightened me more about knees and the issues with knees. I have been doing much of what I learned in this course, but now I understand the conditions much better.” - Suzannah Plant


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