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Exercise Development Specialist Most Recent Reviews

“Good new exercises to use. Use some of the exercises with myself and my clients. Gina is a very good instructor.” - Jerry Hoskey

“How to better use my stability balls. Add a stability ball class.” - Ashley Gray

“ACE credits. More ideas for my classes. Bring in exercises for my clientele” - Linda F. Gilmore

“Additional ideas for upper back/shoulder/rotator cuff strengthening and stretching
In training and classes.” - Suzannah Plant

“I've learned that with proper stretching and strengthening techniques, rotator cuff injuries can be prevented.“ - Renee' Falconio

“New exercise ideas and combinations. I will work with the clients to make sure they are getting stronger.“ - Jacquelyn Baird

“A deeper understanding of stretching for the shoulders. Enhanced stretching for the advanced in age. Great!” - Stephen Taylor

“I am convinced that the stability ball is the best way to strengthen major muscles groups and all stabilizing muscles without risk of injury. I will use this information in developing individual exercise programs, and I will encourage all clients to use the stability ball.” - Tamaria S. Fetzer

“I've gained a much wider base of exercises to use with clients. I will use this to work with a number of clients who find it difficult to do floor exercises due to age or injury.” - Tammy Schyve 

"I learned the "Nuts & Bolts" knowledge of the aging process. How to help myself, as well as clients. This course will enhance empathy and patience toward clients, increased understanding of their population's special needs and restrictions. I'd like to share this info with co-workers. I work at the YMCA and it would be great for all the staff to have this knowledge. It will foster care, understanding, and concern for our older members." - Pamela Vanoteghem

“I have gained a deeper understanding and value for Core Training. No matter how fit one may appear, they too will benefit from Core Training. It will become a priority to integrate Core instructions and training into each of my client's exercise routines for an optimal and purposeful workout.” - Vanessa C. Wright 

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