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ABC Fitness Training Specialist



“I gained new ideas from the  ABC Fitness Training course to challenge my clients and to add new drills as they progress.” - Shanna Huber



“I've gained a lot of new exercises to use with my clients, I will even use some of them for myself. I will work some of these exercises into my current workout plans to diversify the workouts for my clients and address some of their weaknesses.” - Jonathan Miller 



“I gained ideas to further vary the sessions I conduct with clients and teams that I work with. I will integrate the drills I learned into practices and sessions with my young athletes and use the balance exercises with my older clientele." - Christine A Eberlein



“I have gained ideas for testing and drills and will recommend this course a lot.” - Elizabeth B Lopez 



“Great solid training building blocks to further any clients fitness program at any fitness level and/or client population. This course is suitable for any trainers tool box, regardless of experience or expertise.” - Cassandra Henkiel


“interesting, effective and fun exercises and drills. Use it with clients for a change of pace and to introduce the importance of balance, agility and coordination.” - Katherine Williams





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